My kids are getting older. Jackson got invited to a Halloween party and I took him there and he hung out with friends and went trick or treating with them and I picked him up when he was done.

Ayden invited a couple friends over and they went around the neighborhood and seriously got so much candy!

image image

Ryan and I went to an adult Halloween Party. We had a blast dancing our butts off!

image image

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Pumpkin Carvin’

Carvin’ our Halloween pumpkins. Leah and I don’t have good carvin skills so we painted them instead.

image image image image image

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Fall Soccer

Since Ayden is a small 5th grader we decided to take a break from football. We played him up a grade in soccer and he got to be on Jackson’s team. Ryan decided since there were 2 of them on the same team he’d take a stab at coaching soccer instead of me. They had a really fun season and enjoyed being all together. We knew this would be both of their last season playing soccer and are glad they got to do it together.

This is the only pic I took all season. Yup, I’m the worst at taking pics!


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Portland Marathon 2014

Now don’t be getting all excited and confused. I did NOT run a marathon (yet) I ran a half marathon in the Portland Marathon.

Tammy came down Saturday afternoon and we ran some errands. I got a frantic call from Ryan telling me Brody had thrown up twice and “when was I going to be home”. We quickly rushed through Kohl’s and headed home. He puked again when I got home and I made him a bed in our room. Ryan had a friend over to watch the Utah game. I went to bed at 9:45 pm. But between the yelling from the intense game and Brody’s whimpering and crying I didn’t fall asleep until 11 pm. At 12:30 am I woke up to Brody screaming that he “threw up” in his underwear-let the poopies begin! I had to shower and change him. It was a bad night of sleep of everyone! I woke up at 4:30 to get ready.

I’ve never done a race that big before. I enjoyed all the people out cheering. Around mile 3 it was awesome to hear all the runners feet hitting the pavement, it sounded like rain. The first 4 miles felt brutal. I felt horrible and had to stop and a port-a-potty. So I don’t stop to go potty on races. This race I stopped 4 times! My stomach was so upset the entire race and I felt feverish. I’m pretty sure I’ve caught what Ayden and Brody have (and now Jackson is showing signs of it too), Fun, Fun! The first 8 miles was nice and shady and they had water stations and potties every other mile. It was wonderful cause it was sooooooo hot! After mile 8 it totally sucked! No shade and they had 2 water stations! I just zoned out and ran my little heart out. I’m bummed cause I was in such an amazing mental state this whole race but my body was just sick! I was happy when it was over! LOL I finished in 1 hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds. My goal was under 2 hours and I’m proud of myself for making that happen! I want to do this marathon next time!






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Look who’s 12

It’s official, Jackson is a 12 year old! Oh how time flies by! What a great kid this boy has grown up to be! I am grateful everyday for him. He such a great oldest child.

He’s a middle schooler now so we informed him we are done with the “little kid” Birthday parties. He invited some friends over for a sleepover party. Pizza, night games outside, video games and trying to stay up all night long-now that’s a party!







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Best Dam Run 10k

It was a perfect course and day for a PR race for both Ryan and myself. Cold overcast skies and a downhill incline made this our favorite 10K in the ORRC 10K series.
I did a 48:48 time=7:52 pace
Ryan did a 51:10=8:15 pace
Yeah we pretty much rock!




I placed 3rd in my age group 👍👏

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We put Brody is soccer this fall. It’s been interesting. He love/hates it. He wants me to argue with him every he has practice or a game. I’m not falling for it though. He says he doesn’t want to go and I just say okay you don’t have too, he quickly changes his mind. The other day he didn’t want to go and we didn’t, at 6 pm he told me he was ready to go now, I had to explain that it was over and soccer doesn’t just wait for him. I have no clue if he’s even enjoying it cause he has nothing positive to say about it. I don’t know if soccer is going to be his sport. He prefers body contact instead. haha




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